A one-time payment for everything.

For the remainder of the Covid-19 school closures, we are reducing the full A-level package from £65 to £25 to help Year 12 students’ home study. Prices will revert once schools reopen.

Upon purchase, all materials will be delivered to your email address, together with simple instructions and your unique ‘Share & Earn’ code. You will receive a set of user-friendly PDF documents complete with quick-reference linked content, compatible with both Windows and Mac.

If you are planning to just sit the AS-level or are sitting the AS-level at the end of your 1st year:
• AS-level unit 1: £20 
• AS-level unit 2: £20
• AS-level units 1+2: £35

If you are in your 2nd year of study or are skipping the AS-level to just sit the full A-level:
• A Level unit 1: £25
• A Level unit 2: £25 
• A Level unit 3: £25
• A-level unit 1+2+3: £65 (now £25)

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