Sample Material

Click the links below to view samples of Syllabus Notes & Questions + Answers.

  • Syllabus Notes are line-numbered for easy reference.
  • Each question refers you to the line numbers in the Syllabus Notes which contain the model answer for that question.
  • Simply match up the question to the relevant line numbers in the Syllabus Notes and you have a full-mark answer, or for trickier questions the line numbers + a full model answer written by me.
  • Table of Contents items are linked so you can jump to the section you're interested in.

The Syllabus Notes & Questions + Answers relate to the A-level unit 1 topic of Social Influence.

Download and then open both PDFs to view them side by side for easy cross-referencing.

Please note: this is a sample portion only, not the whole topic.

Download Sample Material - Syllabus Notes

Download Sample Material - Questions + Answers