About PsychLogic

I have taught AQA A-level Psychology for 20 years.
I have a huge amount of experience as an examiner.
I am a seasoned professional and know exactly what I am doing.

About 50% of my work has involved tuition for Psychology students who had failed or scored low grades in A-level Psychology first time around in a previous school/college. I have often taken these students up 2, 3 or 4 grades in 9 months, 6 months, even 3 months.

The more I taught, the more it became apparent that even students who had worked hard still failed due to reasons beyond their control:

  • Poor quality notes from their teachers.
  • Poor quality teaching – full-stop.
  • Using text books which either didn’t include enough detail or overwhelmed them with too much detail, explained things badly and were poorly written.
  • Lack of understanding of how to apply skills in the right place in the right way in the exam. As an examiner, I am always seeing what might appear to be excellent essays score low grades simply due to a lack of understanding of what the exam board actually want in an answer.

I hate waste and wasted effort, and it drives me crazy to see Psychology A-level students floundering with poor notes and poor teaching when they could be calm, organised and in control.

Over the years I developed a set of Psychology A-level notes, model answers and strategy & skills guidelines for students. These notes:

  • Are written simply and clearly and cut back to the bones of what’s needed to score 100%.
  • Are concise – notes and model answers include just the right amount of information needed in the exam – not too little, not too much – and they include the right balance of skills to score maximum marks. They are easy to learn and easy to remember.
  • Explain theories, studies, terminology and points of analysis, interpretation and evaluation clearly and simply.
  • Include strategy & skills guidelines which explain exactly what AQA are looking for in terms of how your answer is structured.
  • Include a week-by-week programme of study for students to follow over 2 years, 9 months, 6 months or 3 months with week-by-week homework assignments, and a week-by-week Psychology A-level revision schedule to get you organised and tell you exactly what you should be doing in the months leading up to the exam.

Together, these Psychology A-level resources represent the simplest, most straight-forward and effective method of understanding how to pass Psychology A-level at A* standard.