£30 for the entire A-level or £15 per individual unit


Full AQA A-level Psychology revision notes for all topics
+ model answers for all questions
+ study programme + AQA A-level Psychology revision guide
+ strategy and skills
= the complete toolkit for scoring maximum marks and A* success
Written and produced for you by a professional with 25 years of teaching and examining experience


How to revise for A-level Psychology…

Psychology A-level can be passed at A* standard largely by memorising model answers.
PsychLogic provides A-level Psychology Revision Notes for all topics. These are line-numbered for easy reference.
PsychLogic provides all AQA A-level past paper questions + a huge bank of future possible questions.
Each question refers you to the line numbers in the Revision Notes which contain the model answer for that question.
Simply match up the questions to the relevant line numbers in the Revision Notes and you have a full-mark answer, or for trickier questions the line numbers + a full model answer written by me.


PsychLogic is the only resource which comprehensively covers everything you need for the current AQA A-level Psychology syllabus.
It does what every Psychology student wants but no textbook or website actually does. Only PsychLogic provides access to all maximum scoring model answers for all past paper questions.


PsychLogic can be used to help you revise particular topics but ultimately it’s designed to take you through a structured programme of study & Psychology A-level revision.
4 programmes of study and revision are provided based on your current knowledge, experience and results to date. All programmes are included in the one-off fee.
Each programme details a week-by-week schedule telling you exactly what to study and how to study it.
All material you learn and all tasks given are based around exactly what you’ll be examined on – simply reproducing model answers under timed conditions.
I will also teach you how to study, tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare for the exam, and pass on all my knowledge of working as an examiner and AQA A-level Psychology tutor to teach you the skills you need to show and how to apply these skills in the exam.


You invest a huge amount of time, energy and hope in your A-levels.
A-levels are the key to your future.
Throughout my career I’ve helped hundreds of students after they had worked hard but failed to do as well as they might because of poor teaching, poor notes, poor understanding of what the exam board wanted and poor organisation.
They were let down.
I am here to fix this problem.
Many of my students have scored 100% in multiple units in their final exams and literally hundreds have scored A* and A grades.

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