Since launching in early 2017 we have received a lot of great feedback.

Please note: the website does not currently support a live review system. Please feel free to email us for complete references from past students & teachers.

What students say

  • "Psychlogic made the A-level clear, straight-forward and easy to understand… I soon learnt what it is that examiners are looking for and how to score full marks in questions…"
  • "The best syllabus notes – only includes what you need to know and model answers for hundreds of questions."
  • "PsychLogic is the best resource out there… not only notes and model answers – all kinds of advice on skill areas, essay-writing, revision planning, how to revise and exam technique. Basically, everything you need for the whole course."
  • "I got an A* !!! Thank you Psychlogic."

What teachers say

  • "My classes have benefited very much from Psychlogic… The syllabus notes are of an excellent quality and there are a huge number of past paper questions all of which come with full-mark model answers."
  • "PsychLogic is basically the condensed wisdom of a very, very experienced A-level Psych teacher who writes very clearly and teaches students the strategies they need for success…"
  • "Just wish I’d found this before… Made the A-level so much easier – for my students – and for me!"