Reviews for PsychLogic

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Since launching in early 2018 we have received a lot of great feedback.

Please note: the website does not currently support a live review system. Please feel free to email us for complete references from past students & teachers.

What students say

  • "Psychlogic made the A-level clear, straight-forward and easy to understand… I soon learnt what it is that examiners are looking for and how to score full marks in questions…"
  • "The best syllabus notes – only includes what you need to know and model answers for hundreds and hundreds of questions."
  • "PsychLogic is the best resource out there… not only notes and model answers – all kinds of advice on skill areas, essay-writing, revision planning, how to revise and exam technique. Basically, everything you need for the whole course."
  • "I got an A* !!! Thank you Psychlogic."

What teachers say

  • "My classes have benefited very much from PsychLogic… The syllabus notes are of an excellent quality and there are a huge number of past paper questions all of which come with full-mark model answers."
  • "PsychLogic is basically the condensed wisdom of a very, very experienced A-level Psych teacher who writes very clearly and teaches students the strategies they need for success…"
  • "Just wish I’d found this before… Made the A-level so much easier – for my students – and for me!"

Reviews for Private Tuition

For formal, verified references please email

"Jeremy helped bring my Psychology grade from a C to an A* at A level in the space of one year. His resources, support and incredibly time efficient mode of Psychology A-level revision gave me the confidence to achieve my goal, enabling me to study at Durham University. Thank you Jeremy !"

"Jeremy has been a godsend! We booked him as an AQA A-level Psychology tutor and he has helped my daughter through her Psychology A-level which is a difficult subject. He is kind, thoughtful, hardworking, straight talking, reliable, understands the remit and supports through difficult times. She was awarded an A*. Thank you Jeremy"

"If you are looking for a Psychology tutor, the good news is that you can stop searching and book Jeremy. My daughter was tutored by Jeremy for A Level Psychology AQA 2020. I was impressed by his motivating influence, he provided questions and A-level Psychology notes, and always gave a speedy response. We booked 2 hours per week. This is what my daughter said, "I was initially apprehensive about engaging in online tuition as I felt more comfortable learning face to face however I gave it a try and realized that Psychology largely being an essay based subject meant that it was more helpful being online as I got more work done. Thank you Jeremy so very much for being incredibly helpful over the past few months; I feel that you improved my work ethic and I have learned to enjoy Psychology much more." We both highly recommend Jeremy as an AQA A-level Psychology tutor."

"Jeremy was an absolute blessing. I had missed practically a whole year of school due to illness and my school had predicted me a C for A Level Psychology. With Jeremy`s help and thorough feedback I was able to get a high A grade! Thank you so much!"

"We are so lucky to have found Jeremy! His help is focused, consistent and empowering. Archie has found it so valuable and it has effected a sea-change in his approach to his work. Jeremy immediately identified his weaker areas and provided solid, detailed advice. They then worked on questions and practice papers and there was an immediate improvement in the quality and style of his answers. He is sitting his re-takes with renewed confidence. I couldn`t recommend Jeremy highly enough as an A-level Psychology tutor, and we are grateful for all his help."

"Jeremy has made work that I initially found rather complex very easy to understand. He structures what is needed to do so well that I started to wonder why I was even worried in the first place. He has been unbelievably helpful with Psychology."