PsychLogic Compared

Studying Psychology A-level using PsychLogic has huge advantages compared to studying at school, with textbooks, private Psychology tutors or on other websites. It is clear, efficient, trustworthy and reliable.


Lots of schools and colleges have very good Psychology teachers. The reverse is also true. You never really know if a teacher is a good teacher until you’ve seen their exam results and schools have all kinds of ways to hide and manipulate results.
Your parents are paying for you to go to school through taxes, or taxes + school fees. They’re paying for a service but somehow they don’t see it as a service – often they don’t check what they’re paying for and they can’t check what they’re paying for.
Teachers may be interesting, entertaining, you enjoy their lessons, they make you work hard… but none of these at all guarantee that they’re capable of getting you a good grade. In fact, they may waste 2 years of your life.
If you don’t have a guaranteed excellent teacher, PsychLogic is the closest thing you’re going to get.
Being taught in a classroom in a school is a bit old fashioned. Once upon a time people went to school because that’s where the teachers and the books were. Now you can go online. A lot of time at school is spent socialising, moving around, doing anything else but learning.
The same is true of lessons – registers, teachers telling the class to be quiet, listening to your teacher re-telling stories, group work where you talk about anything else but learning, that PowerPoint that didn’t really make any sense at all, an old YouTube clip…
Some teachers spend a surprising amount of time not doing the one thing that is actually going to help you pass your A-levels – working backwards from what you’re actually going to have to do in the exam – write information-packed answers under timed conditions.
If you condensed all of the learning done in a school day which is really going to help you pass your A-levels it probably wouldn’t amount to more than a couple of hours.


I always wrote my own notes for my students.
All existing Psychology textbooks for A-level are either too simple or too complex for the A-level. Either you’re not going to get enough information to get the highest grades or you’ll be overwhelmed by too much information.


You may be thinking about employing a private Psychology tutor.
Tutors are usually qualified teachers. If they are, they’re probably working overtime to earn extra money: e.g. they’ve spent 8 hours at school all day and then come and see you… or they’re working on their weekends or holidays…
Tutors are sometimes unqualified as teachers and simply have a degree in Psychology. This is dangerous. You could be taught by a highly regarded expert in their field but they know and understand absolutely nothing about A-level Psychology and the requirements of AQA in terms of what how, when and what material should be included in answers.
I used to charge £80 an hour for private tutoring. Some tutors work for as little as £15/hr. After the agency has taken their cut this is little above minimum wage… Even at £15/hr you would only get 10 hours of tuition for the cost of PsychLogic - £150 for the whole A-level.


The only other site claiming to offer model answers for AQA A-level Psychology is run by an ex-student, not anyone with teaching experience.
The model answers provided are essays for the old (pre-2015) syllabus where large chunks of the exam were just a standard series of essays you had to memorise.
The new syllabus is not like this at all. Most material is now assessed by short and medium length questions which require you to explain psychological material in context.
Therefore, these model essays are largely useless.
The way in which essays are structured and marked has also changed.
This means they’re doubly useless.

The website owner makes some pretty wild claims about getting an A* easily. No-one gets an A* easily.